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(Prepared by Dr. Deborah Boone, Agricultural and Extension Education, West Virginia University)

  • Collecting Evaluation Data: An Overview of Sources and Methods. Good sources on evaluation sources and methods, including action techniques. Also discussing using mixed methods. Available on-line at:
  • Collecting Evaluation Data: End-of-Session Questionnaires. Offers alternatives to end of session questionnaires and suggestions and tips for determining what kind of information you want to know and how to ask the right questions to get that information. Available on-line at:
  • Questionnaire Design: Asking questions with a purpose. Are you asking the right questions to get the information you want or need? How to ask the right questions. Available on-line at:
  • Collecting Evaluation Data: Direct Observation. Often times we become so involved in developing questionnaires that we overlook the fact that considerable data can be collected just by observation. Discusses when it is useful and how to record those observations. Available on-line at:

Teaching Resources

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Teaching Resources

Career Development Event PowerPoint presentations by Thomas McCutcheon

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