Master of Science

The agricultural and extension education faculty (AGEE) offer master’s programs for persons desiring advanced study in teaching agriculture in public schools, communications and leadership, or extension education. Candidates for the master of science degree may be admitted on a regular or provisional basis. A student who does not have a B.S. in agriculture with a major in agricultural and extension education may be required to complete undergraduate courses in agriculture and professional education if he or she plans to obtain certification to teach. Students in the curriculum take graduate courses in both technical and professional education.

Programs are planned to ensure that candidates develop competence in:

  • Communications and leadership;
  • Design, operation, and philosophy of agricultural and extension education programs;
  • Research and evaluation processes.

In addition, students pursuing programs that emphasize agricultural and extension education will be expected to develop an understanding of teaching/learning processes.

All graduate courses offered toward the degree must be approved by the student’s Graduate Committee. A thesis is required as part of the 30 credit-hour graduation requirement.