2004 AGEE Masters Theses

Aberegg, David Types of Hardware and Software in Use and Problems Associated With Their Use in Secondary Agricultural Education Programs in West Virginia
Beatty, James Characteristics of West Virginia Secondary Agricultural Educators
Burskey, Cynthia Assessment of the Learning Styles of Students at the Eastern Caribbean Institute of Agriculture and Forestry, Centeno, Trinidad and Tobago and Identification of Teaching Methods Used By Instructors
Custer Walker, Ann Learning Styles of Extension Agents Responsible for Pesticide Re-Certification Training Programs in West Virginia
Driscole, Robert Employment Opportunities and Skills Necessary for Entry-Level Employment in The Timber Industry
Dewhurst, Danny R. Recruitment Strategies Used by High School Agriculture Education Teachers in West Virginia
Gough Chambers, Renee Assessment of Tractor and All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Programs Available to Youth in West Virginia
Krishon, Diane M. Influence of a Three-Week Wildlife Education Curriculum On Knowledge And Attitudes Of South Carolina's Marlboro County High School Ninth And Tenth-Grade Biology Students
Hersman, Erin Knowledge and Dissemination of Sustainable Agriculture Practices by County Extension Agents In Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia
Kleski, Matthew Price Protection Options for West Virginia Beef Cattle Producers
Reed, Christina Attitudes of Extension Agents and Program Assistants in West Virginia Towards Involvement of Special Needs Populations in 4-H Programs
Rollins, Jessica Needed Communication Skills During Initial Employment as Perceived by Graduates of the West Virginia University Davis College of Agriculture, Forestry and Consumer Sciences