AGEE Student Organizations

The Davis College has over 25 student organizations and clubs that students can participate in. Through involvement in student organizations, students can further develop their academic and career interests while gaining worthwhile experience in their field outside of the classroom. Not only do members form lasting friendships with other students and faculty in an informal setting, but often their experiences can lead to career opportunities and industry contacts. Listed below are clubs and organizations associated with the Division of Resource Management.

Alpha Tau Alpha – The purpose of this organization is to promote the highest standards of agricultural education and a more intimate acquaintance and closer relationship with individuals who have chosen a major in agricultural education or extension education. By studying the life, preparation, and personality of great educators, by a better understanding of various aspects of the great vocations in agriculture, and life of the people engaged therein, we aspire to become such agricultural educators as shall wisely and sufficiently lead those who have chosen the vocation of agriculture, into fuller lives of success and happiness. National website.

Mountaineer Collegiate FFAFFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. WVU Mountaineer FFA Chapter . Check out the National FFA and National Collegiate FFA web sites.